Strategy games need player’s planning skills. You need to be smart enough to outsmart your opponents. Usually there needs to be some tactics or a strategy to finish the game successfully. Shortly, strategy games online need good thinking and a plan to win the challenge.

Some people are better at strategy games than others. They usually have good planning skills and already know what to do in the game. You can learn to become good at such video plays.

It’s true that some other genres can involve a lot of thinking, too, like for example action games. There is still a clear line drawn between the two. In the strategy genre, the opponents usually have a symmetrical line of resources against the player while action games tend not to. Another general rule is that a player has limited units he needs to make use of in the right way to succeed.

The challenge here is about using the units and resources the best possible way. Imagine Civilization III, for example. It’s based on a real-life story where you need to have diplomatic relationships with your opponents. But there can be wars whenever you attack the opponent which then becomes your enemy.

Strategy games can be played either online or offline. This depends greatly on the specific game you are playing and what the possibilities are. Whether it’s a multiplayer version or not, and if it can be played in a network with other real characters.